Saturday, 30 October 2010

Out and about

I absolutly adore these boots. Topshop


My friends boots:)


So i went town today,  i want your opinion what boots are better the newlook or topshop boots? I tried that fur coat on because they seem to be in fashion but i cant really decide if i like them or not, they look quite cool on some people but on other's look a bit granny-ish?
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Friday, 29 October 2010


I was looking through LOOK magazine and i saw this at the back. As winter is nearly here, i'm buying my winter wardrobe and i want a pair of boots and i've been looking everywhere but cant find a pair that have that wow factor. But i saw this picture and i love the boots in the top left!

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A days outfit

                                                            Peacocks £16
                                                          Topshop £15(in sale)
H&M £9.99 

Coat featured in last post

I went to the cinema's with my friend today and i wanted to do a post but i didn't know what i should do it about. So i thought that i'd take pictures of my outfit, and yes the coat makes another return.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

It's a love story...

So i got this coat, a couple of days ago. I need a new coat for school when i go back after halfterm. I saw this coat and fell in love, i got quite a biggish size because i need it to fit over my bulky school blazer, but you can't really tell. I've already wore it twice, so it was defenitly worth it. It was £40 from H&M