Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I have nothing to post about. As my life pretty much consists of going to school. So I'm gonna bore you with my life right now.  Anyway to the point. I gotta start choosing my options. For what I want to do in School. And I have no idea. As I have to start thinking about my future, I know I think I want to be a journalist at a Fashion Magazine. So therefore should I chose Media? But if i do that's all my options gone as it's a diploma. But I also want to do Art and Design, Psychology and Textiles? I f you are reading this? Then would would you advise me to do? If you've been in the same position.


  1. A life consisting only of school???? I can't imagine.
    Oh, wait.
    Yes, I can.

  2. You're only 13 and you already have to choose what subject you're going to focus on??? That doesn't happen here in the U.S. until you go to college! I'm 14 and I have tons of different interests, I have so many ideas of what I want to do for a career, I don't know how I'll ever decide when the time comes. It's really cool that you want to be a writer for a fashion mag. If that's what you think will make you happiest, then you should go for it. If you also like a lot of other things (art, textiles etc) maybe you could take an elective in that course or use your free time to pursue those interests. It looks really good on job applications when you have a ton of different hobbies/interests!

  3. You know, some journalists in fashion magazine and editors did not finish any media faculty nor anything near it
    they can be psychologists or philosophers
    its not about what you study but about your ability to write, speak, and know the area you wanna work in.
    i chose my faculty only a day before I sent my documents to university.
    and I am in Media and Advertising its fun.
    but once again
    you can finish art faculty and end up working sme manager
    life is unexpectabke

  4. My dream is to become a fashion journalist too. We also had to chooce subjects in our school but you just need to know ehre you are going. You have a passion for fashion so just follow your senses and choose what you really want. I'm thirteen too, so it's kind of weird :DD Anyway, I want to be fashion journalist so I am focusing on art and english :) Good luck. I'm a follower of your blog. Follow me back?



  5. Hey , YOU ARE 13 , it's a little important what you're going to do , but you still have miles to go. I mean , I'm 17 and I'll start thinking about my vocation this summer, even if I had had some pretty good idea of what I was going to do before this year, so don't start thinking now of what you want to do , because at around my age , you'll face a chrysis.

    alexandra @

  6. I kinda understand what you're in, but unfortunately I'm in the same sort of muddle right now so can't help you. All I know is in order to be a journalist, english or language skills are a must. :)
    I'm FOllowing,
    hope you can check out my blog sometime.

  7. aww that sounds tough...i am from america so we don't have to choose until we are in college! I understand what you are going through though because i am in college and i have no idea what i want to do! if i were you i would pursue your biggest passion, which seems to be fashion, otherwise you might regret not following your passion later! good luck, and adorable blog! :)

  8. It's a difficult decision! Good luck! Kisses:)

  9. If you want to be a journalist for a fashion magazine then you need to write, write, write! You should try to have a clear and position on things, write effectively, and maybe help people see things in a different light. You can major in anything, but if you're still young, why not take some time to explore things a bit more. Try writing a few fashion articles, even just on your blog and see how you like it, and how the response is.

    I've just started my journey to becoming a freelance writer, and it's going surprisingly well. I like freelance because I have a bit opportunity subject wise as far as writing goes. Also, I can make my own schedule, with still keeping deadlines in mind.

    If you're only 13, you still have a lot of time ahead of you before you need to decide. I'm 24 and only JUST decided. Good luck hun,


  10. Just wait until you get to college and decide there. At least that's what i think I'm going to do because I'm feeling the same way you are right now

  11. i think you have plenty of time to think about this :) but you should start taking classes in stuff that you're interested in to see if you would really want to make a career out of it.

  12. go to an art school! you'll find great people to network with. :)

  13. I went to art school and I LOVED it.. You meet truly unique people along the way. Good luck picking a path, I'm sure you'll choose the right one :)

  14. I think u should choose what you much love...
    Don't worry about it!
    Have a nice week end!


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